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“There isn’t a miscue to be heard here. Songs ‘Equinox’, ‘A Place of Bones’, and ‘Exhaustive, Integral’ are a serious 1-2-3 punch right off the top and from there this album deafens you into bliss”

- BeatRoute

“On Equinox, they’ve not only amalgamated the frantic thrash of the first album and the more progressive elements of their second one, they’ve also incorporated other hallmarks of extremity.”

- No Clean Singing

“Equinox provides an impressive blend of new and old death metal influences whilst still putting their own identifiable stamp on the tracks. Hopefully this release propels them into the spotlight as it would be criminal for this album to be overlooked for contention in the quickly approaching end of year lists.”

- Distorted Sound Magazine

Gross Misconduct


Imagine Cynic with a dollop of Death, a smattering of The Crown and healthy doses of 1980s Metallica and Slayer. Our version of metal leans on death, thrash and prog. We are Gross Misconduct from Vancouver, Canada.


Guitar, Vocals / Dave London
Guitar, Back-up Vocals / Jesse Brint
Drums / John Kurucz
Bass / Julian Kenchenten



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Watch us play the entirety of Equinox!

Watch us play the entirety of Equinox!